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Using neem oil as organic pest control

by on September 12, 2011

Pest control specialists say neem oil is a popular choice among homeowners who prefer an organic pesticide that targets harmful insects. The oil is derived from the seeds of neem trees and is used as a pesticide, in skin care products, as fertilizer and for many other uses. When used as a pesticide, it is safe and effective, and is an ideal choice when you want to protect other animals or children who could possibly be exposed.

Pest control professionals say neem oil is also preferable because it typically does not affect beneficial insects such as ladybugs or bees. Its benefit comes from deterring specific insects from propagating or completing their life cycle by affecting their hormone cycle, but it also kills whiteflies, Japanese beetles, mites, aphids and other foliage-ingesting insects. As the neem oil works to eliminate nuisance pests from your garden, it also acts as a fungicide. Neem oil has been proven effective in preventing or correcting mildew, leaf spot, rust, black spot and many more fungi that can have detrimental effects on your plants.

Neem oil is pretty simple to make, but there are some places that sell it so you don’t have to find the ingredients yourself. However you decide to get the neem oil, it is important to apply it in the early morning or late afternoon so as to avoid hurting valuable insects. Pest control experts say neem oil can suffocate them or cause serious harm. It is recommended you spray neem oil when bugs are inactive just to be on the safe side. Once the neem oil has completely dried, it will no longer be a threat to the bugs you want in your garden, but only those insects that chew or suck on the foliage. When you spray the neem oil, be sure to thoroughly spray all plant surfaces, including underneath leaves until the plant is completely saturated. This process needs to be repeated every seven to 14 days.

Call your local pest control company and inquire as to whether they use neem oil or other organic pesticides.

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