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Lawn Care Milwaukee | Lawn Service Milwaukee | Milwaukee Lawn Care

Lawn Care Milwaukee | Lawn Service Milwaukee
6-Step Fertilization Program

Let our 6-step fertilization program get your lawn in top form this season. Our six applications are strategically timed throughout the year to awaken your lawn from winter, ward off emerging weeds in the spring, remain resilient in the dry summer months and winterize your stronger and healthier turf in preparation of the colder months. Call us today for a free estimate!

Milwaukee Lawn Care | Wisconsin Lawn Care
Weed Control

Weeds are often the largest hindrance to the health and potential of your lawn. Let our simple weed control treatments keep grassy and broadleaf weeds from draining the green from your turf this season. Our pre-emergent weed control applications in the early spring will give your lawn the proper foundation it needs to flourish this season. If weeds already have a hold on your lawn and landscape, take back your lawn with our powerful post-emergent weed control applications for a greener, fuller turf.

Lawn Care Wisconsin | Milwaukee Lawn Care
Disease and Fungus Control

If fertilizer and weed control aren’t enough to get your lawn up to standard, often disease and fungus are a common issue that can plague a Milwaukee lawn. To add complication, disease and fungus can be hard to diagnose and detect. Whether you suspect a disease or fungus problem in your lawn or you’re simply frustrated, call our expert technicians today for a free estimate and diagnosis.

Milwaukee Lawn Service | Lawn Service Wisconsin
Insect and Grub Control

Insects and grubs (beetle larvae) are another source of competition for your lawn and its health. Insects are a common cause of dry yellow and brown patches in your lawn where infestation has begun to kill your turf by feeding off the roots. Let our insect and grub control treat any infestation to give your lawn a fighting chance this season.

Commercial Lawn Care Milwaukee | Lawn Care Milwaukee
Mowing, Edging and Blowing Services

Enjoy precision Milwaukee lawn mowing and edging from All Season Lawn Care & Landscaping that will give your property a sharp appearance at a simple and affordable price. We’ll mow and cut your lawn on a weekly and bi-weekly basis and always blow clippings clear from your driveway, patio, sidewalks and other surfaces.

Lawn Service Milwaukee | Wisconsin Lawn Care
Core Aeration

Spring and fall are the perfect times for lawn aeration. Over time, soil beneath your lawn compacts from rainfall and general use, blocking pathways for nutrients to be readily absorbed by your lawn and its grass roots. Core aeration is an effective lawn treatment that pulls small plugs of grass and soil from your lawn which ventilates and clears airways for water and other nutrients to quickly reach the roots of your lawn. The plugs lay scattered across your lawn and eventually dry out and are spread as a natural fertilizer during your next mowing.

Lawn Care Wisconsin | Milwaukee Lawn Care

To get the most out of aerating your lawn, overseeding can often be an effective combination to jumpstart your lawn’s reproductive cycle. Over time your lawn will naturally reproduce less green, lush turf as it ages. Aeration provides a solid foundation for an overseeding treatment, as seeds are spread in direct contact with soil for effective production of new turf.

Milwaukee Lawn Service | Lawn Service Wisconsin
Service Area

All Season Lawn Care & Landscaping provides the best in Milwaukee lawn care to: Milwaukee, Mequon, Thiensville, Menomonee Falls, Pewaukee, Waukesha, New Berlin, Oak Creek, Glendale and surrounding Wisconsin and Greater Milwaukee area communities.

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