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Using Ziploc Bags and Vacuum Cleaners to Catch Fruit Flies

by on November 16, 2011

Pest Control Tip: Make a Plastic Ziploc Bag Trap

  • Place a few slices of an apple or other sweet fruit inside a freezer bag.
  • Open that bag about an inch to allow the fruit flies to enter and surround the fruit.
  • Zip the bag closed, trapping them inside and release them outside.

Vacuum Cleaner Method

  • Pest control experts say fruit flies tend to congregate in certain areas, so if your vacuum is powerful and has a good filter you can easily suck up lots of them and eliminate them from your home.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner attachment and to suck the flies into the shaft.
  • Trick the flies. Dip a couple pieces of paper towel or cotton swabs in jelly or cider vinegar and then securely tape them inside the vacuum cleaner attachment. When the flies start going inside, turn on the vacuum cleaner and get them by surprise!

Pest control experts recommend disposing the dust and other contents of the vacuum outside or get rid of the inner bag in order to keep these flies from getting back into your home.

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