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Spider Mite Pest Control for Leyland Cyprus Trees

by on March 26, 2012

Leyland Cyprus trees are generally resilient to most insect infestations because they are coniferous trees. Many insects prefer to nest and feed off of deciduous trees, however not all of them. One such Milwaukee pest is the spider mite. Pest control experts say spider mites are one of the top tree Milwaukee pests that can have a serious and damaging effect on the Leyland Cyprus tree. Thankfully, with the help of professional Milwaukee pest control specialists, you can protect your tree from the negative effects of this insect.

According to Milwaukee pest control authorities, spider mites have proven, along with bagworms, to be one of the most difficult insects to control. Since spider mites have been an irritant for Leyland Cyprus trees for so long, they have developed immunity to many of the different Milwaukee pest control treatments that had been used to eliminate these destructive insects. Spider mites pierce the tree with their mouths and suck out the sap (which is essentially the life force of the tree), resulting in discolored needles. If spider mites are allowed to feed without interruption, the needles will ultimately turn brown, die and fall off.

Spider mites can be a death sentence to the Leyland Cyprus, so it is important to have qualified Milwaukee pest control experts help you get populations under control as soon as possible. Pest control authorities do not favor the use of insecticides because other beneficial bugs will also be killed when the insecticide is applied. It is important to allow spider mite predators such as ladybugs to remain on the tree and create a natural Milwaukee pest control solution. For this reason, miticides are the recommended solution to heavy spider mite infestations.

To learn more about keeping your Leyland Cyprus safe from unwanted Milwaukee pests, call your local Milwaukee pest control company.

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