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Pest control tip: De-cluttering your home is the best Wisconsin pest control

by editor on May 23, 2011

Clutter in your home can create a variety of hazards and one of them is giving bugs an ideal place to live. A build up of “things” in your home means creating dark, stable places in which bugs can hide, feed and live without detection. Here are some Wisconsin pests that may be taking advantage of your clutter:

Earwigs: These reddish-brown insects eat almost anything and live in moist crevices. As nocturnal insects, they only come out when it’s dark, so you may not even know they’re there. They also love to live in newspaper. An indication that earwigs have taken up residence in your home is their foul-smelling excretions. This is definitely a bug you don’t want living amongst your clutter.

Mice: These Wisconsin pests will go wherever there is a food source and if your home is full of clutter and garbage, it will be a perfect haven for these scampering critters. Mice spread disease and parasites, which can be harmful to your health. The worst part about these Wisconsin pests is if they are not caught early, you could have an entire colony, as their reproduction rate is astounding with a litter size on averaging 10 to 12.

Cockroaches: These are one of the filthiest Wisconsin pests you can have in your home. They feed on any type of food and spread germs to every surface with which they come into contact. Additionally, cockroaches are known to trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions in humans.

Flies: Flies are probably more annoying than they are harmful, but if you think of all the things they crawl around on before  landing on your food or your skin, it can be pretty gross. Where there are strong odors, flies seem to be attracted. So if there are an abundance of flies in your home, there’s likeliness that a strong odor is attracting them.

Bed Bugs: These bitey creatures have gotten a lot of press lately, as they are almost impossible to get rid of, especially since it seems they are building up a tolerance to Wisconsin pesticides. Bed bugs feed on human blood at night, usually while the person is sleeping. They can cause rashes and allergic reactions, as well as numerous bite marks all over the body.

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