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Organic mole pest control methods

by editor on April 25, 2011

As irritated as you may be that moles are tunneling through your yard, causing depressions and holes throughout, you’re still not comfortable with any pest control that results in fatal consequences for the moles.

There are a myriad of organic pest control options for attempting to scare moles away, but experts say these methods are hit and miss. Gardeners have tried flooding the tunnels, pounding on the ground above where the tunnels are being created, mixing dish soap and castor oil, and even fake rubber bait. There is also the option of live traps; however you will have to find a place to relocate them far away from your property.

If moles have a lack of food source, they likely will move on to another area where food is more abundant. Moles feed on grubs, slugs and other yard pests. By contacting your local pest control company or researching online, you can find organic pest control solutions that will eradicate these insects without contaminating the ground or posing any toxic threat to moles or other creatures.

For optimal organic pest control, consult your pest control or Wisconsin lawn care company for guaranteed results.

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