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Pest control for earwigs

by on December 5, 2011

Earwigs are insects that really don’t cause any problems and are virtually harmless, but their appearance and quick reproduction still make them an unwelcomed Milwaukee pest. Pest control experts say the only real problem earwigs pose is their excretions, which cause a foul odor.

Earwigs are nesting insects, and typically nest outdoors around the foundation of your home, in leaves, mulch or straw. Pest control technicians recommend removing the nests to stop them from entering your home through unsealed cracks and crevices at night when they are most active.

Within the home, earwigs are often found in areas of clutter, which serve as excellent hiding spots for these insects. They are commonly found in piled up newspapers and even in some house plants. Earwigs feed on almost anything, so virtually everything is a food source for them, as long as they’re allowed to hide within the clutter of your home.

If earwigs are a serious problem around the home, your local Milwaukee pest control company will spray around your foundation and seal any cracks or crevices. They will also spray around windows, plumbing, doors and garbage cans. This application should keep earwigs out of your home until the next treatment is due. Call your Milwaukee pest control company for more information on keeping your home earwig-free.

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